2 Ways to write Attractive product reviews

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Review is one of the most known and popular activity on the virtual world. Most of us always read something about any product and try to know more about this from internet. Write review and read review that’s a different subject.
Generally people thought some common idea about writing product review. Many people thinks its only for sales promotion or something like. When a writer writes this kind of review then reader thought that may be the writer not real he is a representative on this company. Maximum time you can see this kind of situation when a writer write only for earn money.
Can I create specific rules for writing reviews? The expert says, may be. You can follow some step to write a quality review and stay your reader on your writing.

What’s the purpose of review?

Review is not a sales promotion. First we need to come out this wrong idea. To write a quality review about any product you need to know what kind of review people like. To find what kind of review people like you need to find out, why people search for this review? Various people have different reasons about it but generally you can identify some common reasons.
  • Is this a quality product and are it easy to use
  • What is the difference between other brands
  • The experience of the user those use this product
  • Last and important things, is the product price are acceptable for user
You can easily attract your reader if you write a review by following these common product review writing reasons. To do this you need taken some step.

Buy the product or tell company give you this product

To write a excellent product review, the first condition is your experience about this product. You can not write a book review without reading the book, like this without use any product you couldn’t write a great review about the product by just following company description.

Use Affiliates

Interpret that you write review for your own blog. Write review and affiliates both makes a great profit for you. You can earn more money by together use this. The important things you need to keep on mind that I already said on top which is don’t write only for sales promotion. Consider the readers interest and give them true information.

What information needed on a review

Its important things that, before write any product or other Service review you need make a chart for it. There you place important subject of the product or service. Look like this:
  • Description

Detail product description. It’s not a hard work. Company can give you their product detail. You must know it is compulsory for any product to add the information on the product body.
  • Which user can use it

What kind of user can feel suitable after user it. Sometime this kind of little information helps a user to choose a right product for him. So they pick their product themselves easily.
  • Facilities of product

What are the real advantages of the product? What are the benefits for a user if he use it.
  • Practical aspects

How much exactly, where available, convenient way to purchase, you need to mention here. You can add your affiliate link on here.

Add other brands product details

When you write a review add some details of other similar product. It is primary condition for a good review. This make easier for a reader to find the difference between other products.
Such reference does not have a role in many cases. When you write a novel review you can not Comparison between other similar novels. But if you can do this, it’s helpful for your reader.

Positive and Negative site

On a review, try to describe some good and bad site of the product. Many readers first check this thing before start reading. If he interested then he can read full review.
You must need to add the real information of the product on here. Many writers cleverly compared small problem for hide the big problem. Don’t do this consciously. Write real information of the product which you know perfectly.

At the end you can add your interest about the product. Are you want to buy this?, or wait for the better release. Is price is good for you? and something like this.

There may be more things on outside which i not write here. You can find own way by yourself. If you have any advice for our reader write a comment on bottom.

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2 Fix the common Blogging Mistakes as a Newbie

Common Blogging Mistakes, fix Mistakes, Mistakes of blogging, avoid the blogging mistake, blogging tips, wrong blogging way
Make website is so easy but make a professional blogger, it’s so difficult. It’s a one by one step become a professional blogger. Everybody now a days open a website and want to success on his blogging business. But For his some common mistake he lost his blogging energy and then stop blogging. Many newbie people are failure for this reason. On below I focus some common wrong way which needs to avoid making a professional blogger.

Start Blogging without Plan:

Most of people don’t know why he open his blog! She don’t know what to do now. So he post anything on his blog. Without planning its not easy to got succeed. Chose a topic now think what you can give your visitor and are preferred for this? If yes then start your blogging on the selected topic. Its help you to get succeed on blogging.

Stop Copy other Article:

Respect the copyright violation. Don’t copy other article and paste it on your site. Google also not like it. Always try to write your own creativity. If you don’t know to much about your topic then research it, read other article about your topic. Now start writing. Without research its not possible to write a quality article. Remember this a visitor don’t like to read copy paste article. They always hate and avoid it.

Useless Blog design:

Design your blog user friendly. To much useless design don’t like a visitor. To much design is also effect your page loading time. Chose a nice font is important of your site. Avoid use different fonts in one page or a post.

Lack of patience:

Without patience, you may not get succeed anywhere. Patience is the key of succeed. On your blogging journey its also a very important part. Lots of newbie want to got a high level traffic in few days. When they not get his targeted traffic on few days then he stops his blogging journey.

Don’t know basic SEO:

Its highly recommended, if you want to traffic find your blog on search engine. SEO is the most powerful way to improve your site audience. Without seo basic knowledge its difficult to grow your audience.

Reading other blog:

To get updated with latest blogging technique. You need to pick some best blog in your niche and keep reading those blog. Leave a significant comment on the blog. Its help you to branding your site and also you can get some referral traffic with a backlinks. So start reading other blog from today and keep updated.

Use Social Media:

After people read your article they might be interested to share your article on social media. But if you not use any social media button on your site they not be able to share this with her friends circle. Use some top social media site share button on your blog. To reach your site traffic social media can play a good role for it.

Try to fix the above mistake of blogging. Hope you got the ultimate blogging succeed on your blogging career

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18 8 Simple Css Vertical menu bar for blogger

CSS Verticle menu, Verticle menu blogger, 3d Verticle menu,
Sharing The first collection of Vertical Navigation menu bar for blogger. Today I give you some awesome designed vertical menu. This menu bar designed by Cssmenumekar. I am modify these and make comfortable for your blogger site. I am tried hard to share the best menu bar for you. Hope you like and enjoy this.

How to add Vertical Navigation CSS Menu on your blogger/blogspot site

1.To add any menu bar from below first copy the css code of your selected menu.
2.Then go to your blogger template and find ]]></b:skin>
3.Past your copied css code just above of ]]></b:skin>
4.Now save your template.

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10 5 ways to Improve your Graphics Design skill quickly

Graphics Design skill, Design skill, skill, improve skill, Graphics design tips
It’s a one kind of role that, when you want to learn any program on computer you need to know about this program software. To learn graphics design there are no alternative without Photoshop-illustrator. Become a professional graphics designer you must need to play with these two software. Practice yourself continuously. Creativity associated with graphic design. As well as when it is a money exchange job, your client also needs to like your work. When he like your job then he pay you. So your target is two. One is, get a good feedback from your client and second is, Praise for creative work. It’s difficult to improve your skills by your own practice. But if you follow these steps which I say on below, you can easily improve your graphics design skills.

Find Local Work:

Search your known people who need a graphics designer. Complete her work. When you complete her work, he told you the job has been done correctly or need more edit. Probably you no more know about it, so here you find a mistake now learn it quickly.

Take Part In The Online Contest:

There are some website who arrange graphics design contest Ex: freelancer, script lance, ThePerfectDesign. Here is a Advantage to join these contests that there is no need to bid any project. So you can submit your work by following there design description. There is many professional designer and they also join these competition. For this reason may be you not get any prize by lost them. But what is your target? Your target is improve your skill. So this kind of competition is very effective way to improve your graphics design efficiency. See the first prize owned design on the competition and find what is the difference between your and first prize owned logo. Try to fill up your logo misstep.

Try to start freelancing work:

Join any freelancing site and start bidding. Again, you may not get success on the beginning. What kind of work want a client from a freelancer, understanding that is the first target for you! Failures are the key of success. So find your Failures and solve them.

Teach others people

Find some visible people who want to learn graphics design work. Teach them, if you excluded any subject of designing you can easily caught it. So it also helps you improve your skill.

Join online community

Many online design communities in the web now, you could join them. Be active with these communities and request them to give feedback of your own work. There are many professional designers, so you improve your skill thought there feedback and which also help you to improve your other project.

There is also some ways which i not say on the top which is, you can collect some design before start a new design for just inspiration, Read graphics design book, join seminars and conventions, Make your own blog and read other blog.
So here is the ways to push your skill on graphics design. It's not too hard but all is depends just on your effort, Practice, Patience. Best Regards.

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8 Some basic tips for a beginner about SEO

Basic Seo, seo beginner, seo image, seo logo
As a new seo (Search Engine Optimization) beginner you must be know some basic idea about this. When you want launch a website your search engine optimization work will started before it. Because when you think you open a site what to do first? You first choose your site topic. This is the first step.

Before choose a site topic must you need to know something about this. You select a topic but you don’t know something about this, May be you faced some problem in future. So before choose any topic you must need that, are I preferred about this?

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3 How to drive More Traffic From Facebook

traffic from facebook , referral traffic, how to get traffic from facebook, increase traffic,

Facebook is the number one social network site at now, no doubt about this. Some days ago its got worldwide #1 position site on alexa. Facebook is not only a social networking site its also helps to success your business, get traffic on your site, promote your product on worldwide. At now many people addicted on social networking sites, Because they are find everything from one site. So here is a opportunity to use these people and Increase your site traffic. You need to just find them who interested about your topics and promote your product.

I am using facebook At least four years. I see various kinds of people who like to connect with her friend and also searching something which he love. Suppose you are when first join on facebook, what you did? Of course want to find your new friends also If you like cricket game may be you search cricket news, cricket legend, or your favorite cricket star. Facebook is the place to branding your site, product etc. Today I give you some tips to get more visitor on your website via facebook.

1. Make a Informative Facebook Profile

This is very good thing. Make your profile like a professional. People can understand who you, what you like to do. Add your all information on your profile. Also don’t forget to make your profile is public visible. Or if you don’t want to share your own profile then make two profile one for you and one for your business.

2. Always try to active

Post your profile wall regularly. Update status, add photo and tag it with your friend. Like and comment your friend post, visit there site, join there group, community and always support them. This is a great way to get more fans.

3. Join your site related group and page

If your site topics seo. Then you need to join your topics related group and page. There are you find a lots of community about your topics. When they ask any question or facing any problem try to solve it. Don’t start spamming any group or page. Just do your work and help them continuously. After some days late may be you will make a helpful person for them.

4. Make your site fan page

This is common think. All we do this. But after creating a fan-page many people just share his website link or promote his product. Yes its need to share or promote your product or article with your fans because you made this page for this reason. But if you also give them some extra informative status may be they will happy about this. At last one thing you must follow that, don’t forget update your page regularly.

5. Use facebook Advertisement

If you have money and you don’t able to get traffic by natural way , you can use facebook ads. Face book always helps their ads partner to find his right customer or fan.

6. Find out some helpful facebook apps

Search your business related some facebook apps and use it (ex: if you have a website and its fan page but not enough time to update or share your recent article with your fans you can use dlvr.it apps. It’s can automatically share your recent article on your fan page). Using any apps also help to save your time.

7. Create a facebook group

May be you can find many facebook group on your related topics. But you have a own group about your topics this will help to get permanent traffic. Find your targeted user and invite them.

8.Use some social share plugin on your site

Using some social plugin is a great way to drive your traffic. Add fb like and send button on your every post. When any visitor like or send your post link on facebook, some people may be also interested to read this so he come on your site.

So here are the tips that I know, to get traffic from facebook. If you have any idea about this you can share it on comment.

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6 Add a optimized professional meta tag on your blogger blog

meta tag, meta tag genarator, meta tag example, meta tag example description, meta tag seo
Before adding meta tag on your blogger/blogspot lets know something about meta tag and how a meta tag working with your site Seo. Basically meta tag is one of the part of Ofpage seo also a basic part of seo. Mata tag other name is meta element, metadata. Metadata is really needed to make your site seo friendly. Mata tag or meta element not take any effect on your site design and you not show it when you viewing your site. But its provider search crawler Specific information about the content of your site.

Meta Tag for blogger/ BlogSpot blog

#1► To add meta data on your blogger platform blog. Go go Blogger home > Template > Edit Html > Proceed.

#2► Before start editing please take a backup of your template.

#3► Now find these following code. (Press Ctrl+F)

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>


Select all text in the above two code, and Delete this.
example html code, meta code

#4► Now Find this <head> (Press Ctrl+F). Paste the Bellow codes on just under the <head>.

<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>
<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
<meta content='Write Your Blog Description Here' name='description'/>
<meta content='index, follow' name='robots'/>
<meta content='all' name='audience'/>
<meta content='general' name='rating'/>
<meta content='all' name='robots'/>
<meta content='Write Your Name Here' name='author'/>
<meta content='Write Your Blog Language Here' name='language'/>
<meta content='Write Your Country Name Here' name='country'/>
<meta content='global' name='distribution'/>

<!-- Start www.gaietytech.blogspot.com: Give Your Blog Title here -->
<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "index"'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> ~ <data:blog.title/></title>
<!-- End www.gaietytech.blogspot.com: Give Your Blog Title here -->

<link href='Write Your Favicon URL' rel='shortcut icon' type='image/vnd.microsoft.icon'/>


How To Edit These Code?

1.On The Write Your Blog Description Here, Write your site description.

2. On the robots tag you no need to change anything. By default google index your post perfectly.

3. Audience, By default i set this All. If you want to change it write your specific location.

4. On the Rating, robots, tags no need to change these.

5. Write Your Name Here, on this point write your site author name.

6. Now edit language tag. What is the language of your site? If English then write En. Or other language you can visit here for code.

7. Give your country short code on Country tag (ex: USA,UK)

8. Not need to change the distribution tag.

9. After finish editing these code now edit ( <-- Start www.gaietytech.blogspot.com: Give Your Blog Title here --> And <-- End www.gaietytech.blogspot.com: Give Your Blog Title here --> ) these code. Romove our site url and give your site link and Title.

10. Change the Write Your Favicon URL and give your site favicon image url.

Save it. You are all done.

Now speak your mind and tell me if you facing any problem to add or edit this. 

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