Some basic tips for a beginner about SEO

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As a new seo (Search Engine Optimization) beginner you must be know some basic idea about this. When you want launch a website your search engine optimization work will started before it. Because when you think you open a site what to do first? You first choose your site topic. This is the first step.

Before choose a site topic must you need to know something about this. You select a topic but you don’t know something about this, May be you faced some problem in future. So before choose any topic you must need that, are I preferred about this?

How many Step on seo?: 

There are two step on seo. First is On Page Seo and Second is Off Page Seo. Below this line I try to give some idea about these.

On Page Seo:

The first step for a seo newbie. There is some step in On Page Seo.
  1. Before start your site thinks about your site topic.
  2. Keyword research.
  3. Domain Name select
  4. Meta tag
  5. Use header tag on post
  6. Use Image alt and internal link
  7. Create sitemap

#1► Before start your site thinks about your site topic: I am already said about this on top. Choose a right topic is very important part of seo. Suppose you select a topic may be it is technology related, Business related, software related, education related, life insurance related, travel related or other things. So here I select travel topic. Can I write article about travel? Yes I can if I know something about this. So its all depend on you.

#2► Keyword research: Now you need to research some keyword with your site related topic. Keyword research is a not easy work. Before select a keyword you need to check the selected keyword monthly search, ppc (Pay per click), and many thing. The best keyword research tool is google Keyword Tool. We will write a article about keyword research soon.

#3► Domain Name: Some days ago google run their new Algorithm. Which is EMD ( Extract Match Domain). If you buy a domain which is extract match your site keyword may be you will affected this EMD update. So when buy a domain try to select a name that is not match your keyword. Before EMD update many people buy their domain which extractly match their keyword and they already penalized for it.

#4► Meta Tag: Write your site full description within 150 word. In this 150 word write what is your site topic or why this site. For that people can easily know about your site. If you using blogger platform see this post to add meta tag on blogger.

#5► Using Header tag: On your every blog post use header tag. This is one of the part of On-page seo. Here is some header tag H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 etc. These are the most uses header tag. But most important tag is H1, H2, H3.

#6► Image Optimization and internal link building: Upload your article related image and use alt tag on it. Its helps to get traffic from image search engine. internal link building helps to minimize your site bounce rate, helps crawler to read other post, also your reader may be interest to read your internal linked post.

#7► Sitemap: Sitemap is a list of pages of a web site accessible to crawlers or users. There are two type of sitemap. One is Xml and one is Html. To submit your website sitemap on google go to google webmaster tool.

Off-page Seo:

The second part of seo. There are no limit on Off-page seo. It’s a continues process. Here i give some basic step on off-page seo.

  1. Forum posting
  2. Social bookmarking
  3. Directory submission
  4. Rss Feed Submission
  5. Blog comment
  6. Article submission etc…

#1►Forum Posting: Find your site related forum and post your idea or problem on here. Add your site url on your profile signature. It will help to get some unique visitor and also you get high quality back link.

#2► Social bookmarking: Social bookmarking is the very easy way to get a do follow backlink and also some visitor. Its helps to index your post quickly on google. There are many social bookmarking site on the web world now. Join these site and share your every article on there.

#3&4 ► Directory and rss submission: Directory and rss submission is a key part of your search engine strategy is to get quality inbound links coming in to your site. When submit a site on there try to submit your site on the right category.

#5► Blog commenting: Before comment other blog post first try to read the article carefully. Then try to comment about article topic. Don’t leave a lame comment like ‘nice post, thank you, great article etc.’

#6►Article submission: Write a good article and submit it on major article directory. Do not publish one article on many directory. Google may be punished you for this.

So that is my basic tips about seo for newbie. Try to follow this. May be you succeed on your blogging career.take care, Happy Blogging :)

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8 Respones to "Some basic tips for a beginner about SEO"

AkosFintor said...

Hey Ferdous,

That's a pretty nice insight in the SEO world.
Social bookmarking is a huge factor in my blog's seo ranking for sure!



8:04 AM
Iqbal Ferdous said...

Yes man, social bookmarking is a really great way to improve your seo rank. Google also give it much priority more than Directory submission, Rss Feed Submission etc.

thanks for see you here :)

3:39 PM
roz prior said...

SEO (search engine optimization) is a way to get your website ranking high on well known search engines. It consists of two methods on-page and off-page optimization.

12:14 AM
Luvnish AT said...

About #3, I don't believe the recent EMD update from Google would 'penalise' your site as such. It simply means that, having an Exact Match Domain keyword will not give you as much extra boost in the rankings as it used to do before.

10:52 PM
john peter said...

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5:36 PM
TheKAMPRET said...

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11:08 AM
Richard Lewis said...

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5:01 PM
john peter said...

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4:55 PM

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