Fix the common Blogging Mistakes as a Newbie

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Make website is so easy but make a professional blogger, it’s so difficult. It’s a one by one step become a professional blogger. Everybody now a days open a website and want to success on his blogging business. But For his some common mistake he lost his blogging energy and then stop blogging. Many newbie people are failure for this reason. On below I focus some common wrong way which needs to avoid making a professional blogger.

Start Blogging without Plan:

Most of people don’t know why he open his blog! She don’t know what to do now. So he post anything on his blog. Without planning its not easy to got succeed. Chose a topic now think what you can give your visitor and are preferred for this? If yes then start your blogging on the selected topic. Its help you to get succeed on blogging.

Stop Copy other Article:

Respect the copyright violation. Don’t copy other article and paste it on your site. Google also not like it. Always try to write your own creativity. If you don’t know to much about your topic then research it, read other article about your topic. Now start writing. Without research its not possible to write a quality article. Remember this a visitor don’t like to read copy paste article. They always hate and avoid it.

Useless Blog design:

Design your blog user friendly. To much useless design don’t like a visitor. To much design is also effect your page loading time. Chose a nice font is important of your site. Avoid use different fonts in one page or a post.

Lack of patience:

Without patience, you may not get succeed anywhere. Patience is the key of succeed. On your blogging journey its also a very important part. Lots of newbie want to got a high level traffic in few days. When they not get his targeted traffic on few days then he stops his blogging journey.

Don’t know basic SEO:

Its highly recommended, if you want to traffic find your blog on search engine. SEO is the most powerful way to improve your site audience. Without seo basic knowledge its difficult to grow your audience.

Reading other blog:

To get updated with latest blogging technique. You need to pick some best blog in your niche and keep reading those blog. Leave a significant comment on the blog. Its help you to branding your site and also you can get some referral traffic with a backlinks. So start reading other blog from today and keep updated.

Use Social Media:

After people read your article they might be interested to share your article on social media. But if you not use any social media button on your site they not be able to share this with her friends circle. Use some top social media site share button on your blog. To reach your site traffic social media can play a good role for it.

Try to fix the above mistake of blogging. Hope you got the ultimate blogging succeed on your blogging career

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Moviiee Thandura said...

nice tut thank you.

4:15 PM

And also add this "Avoid spelling mistakes"

4:12 PM

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