5 Tips for a freelancer to make a good relation with your Client

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Buyer is the god of a Business. A successful Business is depend on buyer. No buyer no business and no money. So when a buyer say anything on you, you need to always support her. If you are an writer, Web designer, Logo designer or something like this then this subject aren’t so easy. You written a article or design anything by your own creativity but client need more different or its not seems like which he want. Such this kind of situation you can comply with some certain rules.

#1► Follow international rules 

International rules are not space and time, all conditions are equally recognized. When you work on internet as a Freelancer you comply with the rules. Here are some common rules. You may not learn all rules in one day. Its need some time. Join freelancer.com or odesk.com, Apply for a job or read the description on the job. Example, you want to a job may be logo design. So on the logo design job, client give some description to how you design his logo Ex: Style(Text, Text+image, logo), Color(What color is specified, what color will not), where it will use(web page, ad banner, or other place) etc. After get a job, make a list that what is need to know about this job before start working and find out it from your client.

#2► Understand the client's attitude 

Always try to find out client’s attitude. Most of the client’s first say you that, “he do not understand about this work, do it yourself”. After you completed his work he start to find bug on your work and you work continue to make changes.

#3► Keep the time specified 

Before beginning a work first select a time when you can completed this job, complete your work on this time. Do not extend your time for client’s request (without any special matter) . As a freelancer if you delay extra one day on your own work remember this you will damage your tomorrow work by yourself. So do not extend your time.

 #4► Show samples of work before fully complete your job

Always some difference between you and client. Before submit your final project first give a sample of your work and see what is her opinion. If you need, change it. Many people follow some special rules about this, ex: when submit a sample of your work, give it with some error which your client can easily see.

#5► Do not give any discount on payment time

The most troublesome part on freelancer is get money. You have done your work, now client give your money perfectly do not thought about this. If you thought you may be loss. Do not work without money and not remaining any money. Some of the client’s said that when payment time is come: Now problem, give your money two days later, two hour later etc. Do not trust him anymore.


As a Freelancer there are no alternative without experience. You may not success on your freelancer life quickly. But bit by bit your experience will increase, with increasing experience you find success on your Freelancing career.

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