Design your website by using Adobe Dreamweaver

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Adobe Dreamweaver is a popular software for design a webpage. You can use both design view and code view on this software. The people who know HTML, ColdFusion, ASP.Net, they are also use Adobe Dreamweaver, because its some great feature. If you need a JavaScript code, but you do not know about making JavaScript code you can easily make this by Dreamweaver Behavior. Look like this you can also use image rollover effect by this software.

Now we are going to learn how to design your webpage by using Dreamweaver. First we need to learn some general info about this:

Is HTML learning is Needed to work on Dreamweaver?:

Its very tough to answer this question. If you know HTML of course it will help you working on Dreamweaver.

Using Other Software:

Its not necessary to just use Dreamweaver to design a webpage. You can use other software like Microsoft Office, Adobe in design, etc.

Web page setup:


Run Adobe Dreamweaver on your pc. Select a screen for a wide range of options will appear. Right of the bottom of the screen you will find the files in the file tab where you can use these.   

Click on the  Manage Sites tab.  

A dialogue box will appear. Click on the new Button. 

Now give a name of your this project and also select a folder where you keep these file. This project name will be used only while you work on Dreamweaver, you dont see the name on the final website. 

Click on the server Tab, Select your connection type ex: FTP

After your click ok you see the new folder which is you just created. 


For Using  Dreamweaver file and Folder you need to follow some rules:

Do Not Start using Capital Letter. Capital Letter may be a used middle on the name, not the beginning.The beginning of a particular symbol also can not be used.

Empty space can not be placed in the name. Use the underscore.

For Move A file from one folder to another folder use Dreamweaver. 


Following These activities start create your new site. Go to File- New- and select a Blank Template, Html Template. Now Chose a Layout. You will find a already designed template. Now start Edit this template text color, picture or video adding and many more as you like :). Wait our Next tutorial on Adobe Dreamweaver for more.

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